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 Post subject: A few interviews
PostPosted: 12 May 2009, 16:52 
Third chance
Third chance

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Fury Rocks - Hans, Rene and Silje ... usic_71857

Digital Steel - Frank and Silje ... iews&id=89

Myspace blog of Akos Banfalvi, a Hungarian guy - Silje and Hans ... =478854990

and a couple for the Dutchies only
Progwereld - Hans

3voor12 - Frank

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 Post subject: Re: A few interviews
PostPosted: 12 May 2009, 19:17 
Third chance
Third chance
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Why the hell did no interviewer ask the band what old songs they are rehearsing?

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 Post subject: Re: A few interviews
PostPosted: 12 May 2009, 21:41 
Third chance
Third chance

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Breda barst festival!!!!! thanks for posting!!

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 Post subject: Re: A few interviews
PostPosted: 30 Jul 2011, 08:27 
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Hello Silje, We hope you are ok, as well as your band mates. You got several fans in the Winter Storm Fan Club and we enjoy your music, and the warmth and beauty of your voice. Some of us started to listen to you since Octavia Sperati, and we are really glad that you joined on The Gathering. So here are some questions about you and you music ;).

About your Music...

¿What is your principal inspiration when you write songs?

Daily life, philosophy, people and nature around me :)

Which artist are your main musical influence?

Metallica, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Cocteau Twins, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd and maany more.

How do you feel about being part of a big band like The Gathering?

It feels nice, and very natural. Being in a small or big band is about the same thing more or less.. Make songs, rehearse, play live, all the paper work, interviews etc..

You’re Norwegian, lived a few years in England and now are working with a Dutch band. How was the experience of living in a foreign country? Would you consider moving to The Netherlands on a permanent basis if necessary?

Yes, I've been around a bit ;) If it was necessary I would consider moving to Holland, but we have internet and airplanes so it works out fine :)

Your voice sound a little bit different in The Gathering compared to the way you used to sing in Octavia Sperati. Of course the music styles differ and it may have influenced this, but was it hard to adapt your voice for songs of The Gathering?

No, it is a natural development to the music. In Octavia there was a lot more noise going on in the music, you have to sing over it as well as the voice was more an instrument on the level of the other instruments. In TG the voice gets a lot more attention and a lot more space, so it just happens naturally to adapt to this.

Many of the lyrics from The West Pole album, and even a song, are written entirely by you. How did it feel to join a new band with high standards like The Gathering and be given that much freedom? Did you feel any pressure or were you afraid they wouldn’t like your ideas?

No, I was very happy this was the way we decided to work as I like writing my own lyrics :). I have always done that in my own projects so that I get to write all my lyrics it is just the way I want it and actually need it. Of course it is a process where they needed to see what my lyrics are about and agree on them, but they are super in that way, trusting me and I also give them a chance to say their opinion about them.

Now that you know the songs well, which songs are you favorite ones to perform live (before you join)?

Of old songs I love singing In Motion 1 and Leaves, as well as I like Saturnine a lot as the audience seem to love this song and it always gets a good vibe when we do it:)

What is your opinion about Anneke van Giersbergen's music? Did you listen her new project?

Not much to be honest. She seems happy in what she is doing, and I think that is the most important thing.

About you...

What was your first encounter with music during childhood or adolescence?

I started playing piano when I was six, had a very musical family with lots of singing and lots of instruments at home to play with. It was first jazz and folk music, then more rock (my first favorite band was when I was 6!) and then heavier and heavier metal;-)

With which musical genre you wouldn’t want to have relation? And what is your favorite one?

I have a good relation to most music, but my favorite is good music, it can be alternative pop, rock, metal, minimalistic classical, trad jazz, folk and not too mainstream.

What is your your biggest triumph in the life until now?

I don't know... they change all the time when I manage new tasks I haven't done before;)

What can you tell us about the person that Silje Wergeland is nowadays?

She is a happy one, very busy and enjoying making new music for the new releases :)

Is it hard to make a living with music in Norway? Do you have other job at the moment besides singing with The Gathering?

Yes, it is hard to make a living of music in Norway as it is in other places. I do have other jobs; I am organizing and am chair woman of the board of a festival called Hole in the sky, as well as I do other jobs in music. I was recently in Cannes to work for a music organization on a big music festival (nice) :).

Can you tell us the weirdest thing that has happened to you regarding fans?

I have to say that almost 100% of our fans are just super nice and really sweet and kind. But there was one that was convinced I wanted to be his girlfriend, sent me all these weird letters and had some freaked out ideas. One came all the way from England, turned up at my mums house thinking he would be invited in.. It is funny in a way, but also scary that some people just don't connect with reality.

About the new album...

In the website of The Gathering the guys and you announced that you’re already working on some new songs. Can you give details or a brief idea of what the fans can expect for your new album?

Well, it is not all ready yet so I can't give away too many details, but you know TG; there will always be some surprises and always something new :)

Is there already a tentative date for the album's release?

Yes, but it is not official yet..sooorry:);)

In this album, are you equally involved in the entire composition?

Mainly the people behind the music work together the most on this, we look at the songs together and discuss. We all do our parts alone and then get together and work things out.

Are we getting a surprise in terms of a change in musical direction in comparison with TWP?

Surprise surprise...

In the previous album, we could hear the participation of Anne Van den Hogen and Marcela Bovio.... in the new The Gathering's album. Can we expect new collaborations?

There might appear some guest musicians, but I don't think we do this on vocals... but things can change every day;)

Even heard an alternative version in Spanish of "Pale traces "...¿you like to work with other languages? hear a song in another language?

Yes, of course, that is can be cool, but it has to fit with the song, and the ability to sing in the language ;)

Is there a chance to hear a cover? would you like to do it?

Maybe... Sorry, I can't say too much yet... you'll have to wait and see/hear:)

Will we have the chance to have The Gathering live here in México in a South American tour this 2011?

I hope so, I know there are some work around a South American tour for 2011, but we don't have anything confirmed yet. Fingers crossed:)

Well this is all, we hope to have the chance to hear The Gathering here in México, until then, we send greetings and wish them every success this year, with new album.

Many thanks:-) Hope to see you soon!!:-)

Loads of hugs back to you. ... -interview

Look at me...There were more to see, there were more to be proud of….


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