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PostPosted: 15 Jan 2004, 07:58 
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In order to make this forum a nice and peaceful place for all The Gathering fans, please read the rules below first:

· When you want to start a new topic, please make sure (by either browsing the forum or using the Search-function) that there aren't any older threads about the same topic. If you find a similar topic, feel free to reply to it instead of starting a new one.

· When you want to start a new topic make sure you post it in the appropriate section (room). If you can't find your thread in the room you posted it in, it has probably been moved to another room by one of the moderators. So have a look at the others rooms where it could fit in better, or use the search function of this forum.

· The discussons in the general rooms are in english. If you prefer to write in your own language, go to one of the specific language rooms here on the forum.

· Bear in mind that the forum features a variety of people from different genders, ages, ethnicities and cultures who all have their own opinion about religion, politics, sexuality, music and so forth. You don't have to agree with their opinions, but at least respect them and they will respect yours too. Still, remember to give reasons for why you feel the way you do, as it helps people to understand where you're coming from.

· Flaming, insulting or harassing other members will not be tolerated. In case someone is trying to pick a fight with you, remember that sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing at all. Please stay nice against each other.

· Don't spam and/or flood. But of course you are allowed to put a link to your pictures of a gig, the review your wrote or a link to an interview you found on the internet for example.

· It is not allowed to put links on this forum to illegal mp3 or other stuff of The Gathering or other musicians.

· Before replying to a post, think for a moment if what you want to say is really worth it. Replying for example just to say you agree with someone or writing only one or two words doesn't count as such in my opinion. If you don't have anything to contribute to the discussion, don't post it.

· Don't use the forum for slow chatting. To chat, go to one of the chat rooms on the internet. There are so many of them.

· Don't reply to nearly every message if your only intention is (or may look like it is) to increase your total number of posts (and by that influencing your rank).

· If you want to write a message which is only important for one of the forum users, then send him/her a Private Message, and don't put it on the forum.

· Please try to keep the discussions on-topic. If one or a few replies are a bit off-topic it's okay of course, but keep in mind the initial theme. If the discussion turns into a different one it's maybe better to start a new topic. If moderators notice a topic is totally going off-topic or has two different discussions it could be split it into two parts. To make it easier to read for other forum users.

· Don't multi-post. Don't post two or more messages directly after each other, but combine it within one message and/or edit your message to add more text to it.

· If you use the quote-feature, delete unnecessary parts from the post you're quoting and leave only those which are relevant to your reply. Try to avoid multiple levels of quoting. Don't quote to a message which is the last post in the topic you're posting in. This makes it easier to read for other forum users.

· Bolding, italicizing, underlining or the use of colors are there for emphasizing certain parts in your post, not for writing your entire post using them. Same goes for CAPITAL LETTERS.

· Smilies give a nice flavor for the posts, but don't use them excessively.

· Don't post images which are more than 500 pixels height/width and/or larger than 60 kb in the forum as this can interupt the layout and slow down the loading times. Remember that maybe not all users have an internet connection that is as fast as you have. If the image doesn't meet these requirements, post a link to it instead.

Violation of these rules may result in your post/topic being either moved, edited or deleted. If you have any questions about these rules or anything else, don't hesitate to ask one of the moderators. They are here to help you!

Have fun on this The Gathering forum!

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PostPosted: 27 Feb 2006, 09:12 
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Dear Martijn

I think it'll be so good if you put some part of this announcement for some ppl in the chat room .
I have to have discussion about silly problems with some ppl in the chatroom every night.(i cant be silent when they're lying to Others about me) :(

thank you very much :wink: :wink:

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When You are look long into the Abyss, the Abyss also look into You.

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